There are many activities to enjoy in Austin and around Texas. Here is a selection of them:

Enjoy Austin’s Downtown:

Visit Blue Origin Space Port (Van Horn Texas – 456 miles from Austin), SpaceX Starship Launch Site (Boca Chica Texas – 376 miles from Austin), and NASA Johnson Space Center (Clear Lake Texas – 204 miles from Austin):

Texas has its own “Grand Canyon” called Big Bend National Park (436 miles from Austin). It’s worth the visit and there are no crowds!

Austin scene, from life music (Austin has an eclectic mixed of life music, from Southern US to modern artists), to many traditional to modern restaurants, to Texas style shopping, etc

Texas Hill Country is an area about the size of Switzerland centered around Austin where beautiful southern scenery, lakes, wineries, traditional towns, etc, can be found:

Go paddle boarding or kayaking in Town Lake (downtown Austin):


2023 IEEE-RAS 22nd International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids)