1. Human biomechanics and motor control
  2. Human-body and behavior modeling
  3. Bionic / human-inspired design principles for humanoids
  4. Human-inspired robot control
  5. Whole-body dynamics and control
  6. Optimization, optimal control, MPC
  7. Learning methods for humanoid robots
  8. Robot modeling for locomotion and/or manipulation
  9. Exoskeleton / wearable robot design and control
  10. Prosthesis design and control
  11. Physical and social human-humanoid interaction
  12. Dynamic legged locomotion
  13. Loco-manipulation, legged manipulation
  14. Dual arm dexterous manipulation
  15. Multifinger hands
  16. Control theory for humanoid robots
  17. Simulation and physics-based animations
  18. Humanoid heads, faces and geminoids
  19. Materials, mechanisms, and actuation for humanoids
  20. Perception for humanoids
  21. Human-centered robotic studies and applications
  22. Neuro-robotics and brain-robot interfaces for humanoids and humans
  23. Real-world applications for humanoid robots
  24. Benchmarks, performance indicators for humanoids
  25. Ethical and social challenges of humanoids
  26. Long-term deployment of humanoids
2023 IEEE-RAS 22nd International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids)