We are very pleased to invite you to contribute to the IEEE RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots 2023 to be held in Austin, Texas, USA, from Dec 12 to 14, 2023. 

Author Guidelines / Policies: 

  1. The deadline for paper submission has been extended to July 22nd, EOD Pacific Time.
  2. The maximum number of pages per paper is 8 (including index, references, etc.), which are already included in the registration fee.
  3. Additional pages are not permitted.
  4. Size of paper pdf: 6 MB
  5. Write the name of the authors and affiliation on the first page (single-blind review)
  6. Each paper can be accompanied by one optional video in several formats. You may upload or re-upload this attachment until 3 days after the submission deadline, i.e. by July 25, 2023. The maximum file size is 20 MB. Your video should have the extension mpeg or mpg or mp4.

PDF of Humanoids 2023 Call For Papers

Humanoids 2023 aims at bringing together top researchers from humanoid robotics and related disciplines with leading companies in the field. In light of a year of rapidly evolving humanoid technologies with several new platforms coming onto the market and bringing us closer to a wider real-world deployment, the topic of the conference is “Research Outcomes for a Growing Application Landscape”. Our community envisions innovative areas in humanoid robotics that lie at the intersection of general-purpose physical, cognitive, and motor capabilities, while also considering the scientific understanding of interactions with humanoid and anthropomorphic systems.

The conference will be organized as a 3-day event with workshops and tutorials on the first day, followed by 2 days for the main conference with plenaries, keynotes, oral and interactive sessions, and an industry forum. A centrally located exhibition will feature the latest humanoid technology from both industry and academia. 

We invite papers in all areas related to humanoid robotics, including, but not limited to: 

  • Human biomechanics and motor control, human body and behavior modeling
  • Bionic / human-inspired design principles for humanoids 
  • Human-inspired robot control 
  • Whole-body dynamics and control
  • Optimization, optimal control, and model predictive control methods
  • Learning methods for humanoid robots
  • Robot modeling for locomotion and/or manipulation
  • Exoskeleton / wearable robot design and control 
  • Prosthesis design and control 
  • Physical and social human-humanoid interaction
  • Dynamic legged locomotion (bipeds, quadrupeds,  etc.)
  • Loco-manipulation, legged manipulation 
  • Dual arm dexterous manipulation
  • Design, control, and application of multifinger hands
  • Stability and robustness of humanoid and legged robots and humans
  • Simulation and physics-based animations from computer graphics
  • Humanoid heads and faces, geminoids
  • Novel materials, mechanisms, ad actuators for humanoids
  • Perception for humanoids 
  • Human-centered robotic studies and applications 
  • Neuro-robotics and brain-robot interfaces for humanoids and humans
  • Real-world applications for humanoid robots (industry, healthcare, home, space, disaster response)
  • Benchmarks, performance indicators for humanoid robots 
  • Ethical and social challenges of humanoid robot deployment
  • Long-term deployment of humanoid, bipedal, or dual arm manipulation robots

Accepted papers will be presented either in single-track oral sessions or in interactive sessions. All accepted papers will appear in the proceedings of the conference and on IEEE Xplore without distinction. 

The deadline for submissions is July 22, 2023, end of the day Pacific Time. 

Submission Link:

2023 IEEE-RAS 22nd International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids)